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Individual Coaching

We can arrange individual at many locations around the country. We have a large database of qualified instructors who can travel to your local shooting ground to give you your lesson.

Whether it be just a single lesson to just brush up on rusty gun skills, or as a complete novice trying to understand the sport and want to undertake a number of repeat lessons, we have the skills and the people to take you through to the level you aspire to.

Give Richie a call to discuss your needs, skill levels and your options.

Our specialist coaches are available for all disciplines, national and international, as well as game shooting. Many began their coaching careers at one of the major UK shooting schools, giving an excellent background. Most have achieved great success in their respective disciplines.

As well as understanding the technical side of the discipline your coach also knows what it's like during competition. This know-how and experience is vital ingredient if coaching is to be truly effective.

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Do you see two gun barrels when you focus on the target, Do you feel you are looking down the side of the Gun when shooting, Do you have to focus on the gun bead to get rid of the blurred barrels, Do you have to shut an eye to see the target clearly?

Are your scores suffering as a result? There is a good chance you have an eye dominance problem.

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